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Providing The Tools For Success...

The Mom's ToolkitTM equips parents of children ages three through teens with the tools to help raise responsible, happy, and confident children with good character, allowing children to grow up in a peaceful home where they feel loved, valued, and secure.

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Discuss parenting topics with the authors and share ideas and feedback with other parents

In today's hectic society, parents find themselves busier than ever!

Parenting is the toughest job ever! We provide you with charts and tools you can use to modify and reinforce behavior. Children will even do chores and homework on their own with a good attitude!

The Mom's ToolkitTM is designed to provide parents with guidelines, instructions on how to use our parenting system, and tools all contained within one place. We need help balancing love, discipline, rules, family, time, and work. The Toolkit provides parents the resources they need at their fingertips, preventing the need to spend valuable time looking for creative parenting ideas.

The Mom's Toolkit
TM will make your life easier and help you promote a peaceful home by building character in your children using chores, discipline, and most importantly love!

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